Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, Halloween is here! The kids are out right now trick-or-treating! I decided to be the passer-outer person this year since I have this big-ol stomach that seems to slow me down a bit. So Dan took the kids and Hank (Hank barks anytime a stranger comes to the door and I did not want to deal with that!) I can hear all the kids out having fun in the neighborhood. This town is amazing on Halloween! It is an actual fun holiday. The downtown is open all day for trick-or-treaters - meaning the local business have big bowls a candy and you can stop in at anytime with your dressed up kids and trick-or-treat. Which seems to be a great thing for people with toddlers because they can do their rounds before all the rowdy older kids come out and before bedtime.

Ryleigh was a mean witch this year. Do you know how hard it is to find a mean witch costume for a child?? Every costume company wants the kids to be a happy/good/ fairy/ pretty witch! We finally had to buy a bunch of different elements of costumes and put them together to create a witch costume. I am nervous for next year though, because she will not be able to fit into the children's sizes anymore and all the costumes for olders kids are - hello skanky! What am I going to do???!!!

Spencer is Venom - aka Dark Spiderman. Of course anyone that knows Spencer knows that this is right up his alley, of course he was one of 4 Venom's in his class at school (a class of 21 kids!) but he loves it! He loves spiderman so dang much it is hilarious!

Ethan is Anakin Skywalker in #2 - minus the braid. I think he just was wanting to carry around a lightsaber but whatever. He makes a very cute Anakin and he can't help himself - as you can see - but to whip the dang lightsaber around like he is in a constant fight with something from the dark side!

And, of course, since Hank was going to be going in the walk he had to be in costume, so he is a wiener dog skeleton! He is so cute - it glows in the dark. I got Noelle a hotdog costume but since her hysterectomy she has gained a few pounds and it is a little snug!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

Aaahh, Halloween is here! I love this holiday. It is so fun to carve pumpkins and dress up like something different - and lets not forget the best part - a reason to have an abnormal amount of Chocolate in the house. Today the kids carved their pumpkins. Ryleigh chose a ghost that says "BOO", Spencer chose the headless horseman and Ethan chose a spooky tree.

Obviously - Spencer was really not very excited about pulling the gooie insides out of the pumpkin! I had to document this. We were laughing so hard because he was already freaking out before I even cut off the top. After he had put his hands down in the goo a few times he was fine - and actually enjoyed it. Ethan on the other hand, was actually gagging as he was pulling the stuff out but he had a smile on his face! I was totally impressed with Ryleigh this year because she did the whole thing by herself - this is a first for her. She did such a great job too! I love kids!

The finished product!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Good News

We finally found a house of our own!! YEAH!!! We are moving out on the 12th of this month into a cute little home next to Dan's work and school. I am so excited to be out on our own - like big kids! I will send out an E-mail to all of you that I want to have our address and phone numbers.