Saturday, March 26, 2011

Club Ball

 Spencer started up with a club baseball team back in January. The team was just forming so it was great to be able to get in on the beginning of the team. Being an original team member has its perks. However, being on  a new team also has its downside. the kinks.

Wow, our little team had a few kinks too! The first tournament we played it was pretty rough. We looked like a little league team trying to play with the big boys. I am thankful, however, for our amazingly patient and knowledgeable coaching staff. The continued to work the boys hard and teach them how to be great players.

Well this past weekend it all paid off.
 Spencer up to bat - Spencer has been in a batting slump. He has really been struggling at the plate for some strange reason. It is like a freezes out there. He is amazing in the batting cages and when they are doing warm-up hitting but then when he faces a kid in the game - nothing. Well in this game he had a VERY timely hit. A single to right field, which allowed the go-ahead run to score!
During pool play the coach will put the boys at different positions, and on this particular game he had Spencer at second (he is usually Right field), Apparently Spencer felt the need to prove himself over at second with this AMAZING snag! Yes, that is the ball in his glove!!!
We ended up winning the Championship in our bracket and the excitement in the faces of these boys was absolutely priceless!! Even the coaches were giddy!
Instead of trophies they got rings. I think it is pretty sweet!
Way to go Raptors!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


 ya... so I turned 30 today! Right now actually... I was born at 6:09 am -
 thirty years ago today.
This year I have had a few friends turn 30 also and a couple of them have done a cute little post about who they are, and I am going to do the same. I think it is such a great idea! How awesome for future generation to have. What I wouldn't give to have a little snippet of my great-grandmothers life when she was 30.
So I had my awesome cousin Nikaela take some pictures of me last weekend (it felt a little weird, I won't lie - kinda like I was taking senior pictures!) so future generations will even know what I look like at 30!
 My occupation is Wife & Mother, in that order. Although sometimes I think I forget about the order.
I have been married to my best friend Dan for 11 and 1/2 years!
I have 4 wonderful children!
-Ryleigh ~13
-Spencer ~10
-Ethan ~ 8
-Olivia ~ 3
They keep me insanely busy. Ryleigh is very social and plays softball. This year in particular she has been playing non-stop since September with Fall-ball, Jr. High softball and now Spring-ball. Spencer is on a club baseball team which occupies most weekends and a few nights a week. Plus he and Ethan are on the same Minors little league team - so ya - I am knee waist neck deep in baseball and love every minute of it. Of course I love it more when we are winning!
I am not really a hobby person but there are things that I enjoy. I really love to cook and lately I have started to love baking. I love to eat too - so all of these work nicely together.
As a result I go to the gym. I do not enjoy the gym.
I love sports! Baseball (duh!) and football are my favorites - basketball is my least favorite - okay I hate it. It is for pansies. I really really really love college sports. The intensity is awesome.
My favorite color is Purple! Always has been - and I think it always will be. The irony of that is - I only own 1 purple shirt (that I rarely wear) and I don't decorate with purple either. But I do love it! I promise. My least favorite color is blue. I think it is because it is overused.
I have a little OCD - just a little. I am not a compulsive hand washer or anything like that but when I vacuum I have to have nice straight lines and I get irritated with my kids when they feel the need to run around in circles in the middle of a beautiful freshly vacuumed floor. I also don't really know how to just sorta clean. I can't just do a quick pick up. I have to pick up, sweep, mop, dust, wash the windows, scrub the baseboards (okay, I don't always scrub the baseboards.). It really irritates my husband. He tells me they are all "side-projects" and I "need to just focus at the task at hand" - so maybe it's just ADD.
I have 6 siblings! I love them all, however I am pretty much the suckiest person ever about keeping in touch with them. All of them, but one, live in Oregon so we don't see each other and I don't enjoy talking on the phone. I can count on one hand the number of times we have chatted via webcam even. wow. I really suck.
I married into 5 siblings, 1 half sibling and 6 step-siblings. Most of them live close by, so I am better at keeping in touch.
Speaking of living.... In my married life I have lived in 4 states. Arizona, North Carolina, Texas & Oregon. There are parts that I love and parts that I don't love about all of these states. But Arizona is home, and I am hoping that it always will be. Unless it gets sucked into Mexico or something. I just love the weather! Yes, 115* in July is hot and ridiculous but I love it - I would rather be in that than -20* and snow. Or 50* and rain for 10 months out of the year (wink wink to my Oregon family).
Alright, this post is officially long a boring so I will end it here - adios!
Happy Birthday too me! Here's to thirty more amazing years!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I have decided to be a stay - at - home mom!!! I honestly could not be more excited and at peace about my decision. I can't believe how smoothly our house has been running since I have been home this last week and a half. I spent the first  4 days cleaning the entire house, which felt amazing plus I have been able to cook dinner again and have time for my kids! I love it! I am so grateful to have a husband that allows me to stay home with my kids. Thanks so much Dan!


Poor Spencer & Olivia had the flu FOR - EV - ER!!!
Spencer was home from school for nearly a whole week. They both had fevers that hovered around 102* for about 6 days. I felt so bad for them. It was a rough week for me....and probably them.
Finally after a week of the flu and being quarantined to Spencer's room they both emerged healthy - yeah!
....until the next day. When Spencer started complaining of ear pain. So I took him over to the Urgent Care and he had double ear infections! Then the next night, Olivia started complaining of ear pain, so I took her to the Urgent Care and she had double ear infections!!! As of today they are 4 days healthy and on Amoxicillin and life is good! Man, I am thankful for healthy kids!