Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Proud Parent Moment!

Dan and I were on the USSSA website this evening looking for Spencer's club teams' rankings and we clicked on a link that took us to this page:
Can you imagine our surprise! Spencer looked at it and said "That's me!" We were completely dumbfounded and so excited for him! He now thinks that he is famous. We are so proud of him!

Do you remember when I originally posted this picture HERE?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Night Hawks

Ryleigh has been playing a little ball too this season. She is playing Major's softball for the Night Hawks. The best part of this season is she is playing with Jayda (cousin) and the worst part of this season is they are 1-15! ouchie.
 Saturday is the first play-off game. Wish us luck.
I think the team has struggled so much this season because we have three girls that are playing up this year, meaning they are too young to play this age, but they are playing anyways. They are not bad players, but they are young, so they are just not as experienced.

 Their coach has done stuff to try and motivate them to win and play hard - but I think it has been lost on most of the girls. I, personally, think he has been too nice to the girls this season. I am not suggesting that he needs to be mean, but I also think that when they make an error it is okay to call them out on it. Apparently some other parents on the team disagree. When you coach with only positivity you end up with a losing team. I am just saying....
 The girls did have a car wash one Saturday to raise money for the league, so that we didn't have to sell anything or get money from the parents (which is appreciated!) The girls all had fun together and I think it was good for them to hang out and just have fun, without the stress of being in a game.
At the end of the car wash coach announced the All-Star nominations for the team. Ryleigh and Jayda were both nominated to go onto All-Star try-outs.Yay girls! 
As a side note, Coach did put in a good word for both Ryleigh & Jayda with a club coach and both girls got an invite for a club team called East Valley Pride! So even though this season is ending, we will keep going. As aways.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am a mother.

 I never thought I would be a mother. My friends would dream about their future families but I didn't. They had all their kids names picked out before we were even old enough to date, I didn't even think I wanted kids.
To every one's surprise I became a mother and wife before any of my friends. To my surprise it is everything I never knew I wanted.
I never imagined that I could love something so much. Motherhood is the most rewarding and frustrating and beautiful and psychotic thing in the world. I feel like a crazy person and the most sane person all in one emotion.
I have four amazing children that I love more than I ever imagined I could. It is amazing how you can love something so much. I love being their mother and I am grateful for every moment I get to raise them and have them in my life.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

#1 Mudcats

This baseball season has been AWESOME! I loved every minute of this season with the boys.
Fortunately for us the boys were able to play on the same team in the minors and so Dan decided to be the assistant coach for the team. The head coach, Ben, was Spencer's coach last spring season so it was fun to have some of the same kids as last year and to see how much they have improved!


Spencer has had an absolutely stellar season. I have been keeping stats on the boys this year and as of their last regular season game his batting average is a .762! He hit 7 singles, 1 double, 5 triples and 3 home runs! Plus he has 17 Runs batted in! We are so proud of him!
Ethan! Not to be outshone by Spencer is definitely proving himself to be an amazing ball player. I requested that he be bumped up from coach pitch to which ever team Spencer is on this season so that we could limit the chaos for us and allow him to be more challenged (coach pitch was torture for him last season). He has definitely shown us and his coach that he deserves to be playing up! His batting average is .458 with 5 singles, 1 double and 4 triples and 8 RBI's! He has moved into the number 3 spot on the batting order too!

Ethan playing 2nd base (left)
Ethan is not only a great hitter but he is amazing in the field! Coach puts him at second and right field mostly (we have one pitcher that throws really fast, so if anyone gets a hit off him it will be flying to right field and he knows that Ethan will catch it!) I love that he plays with intensity and a love and respect for the game!
Spencer at short stop
Spencer has played most of the season at short stop with the occasional visit to second and first (once he even pitched!). This kid has a golden glove and a rocket for an arm! Spencer is always enjoying himself and just playing to have fun and just so happens to be awesome in the process! He has natural ability for this sport and I hope that nothing stops him from continuing to play throughout his life (okay, at least High School)


Every so often Ryleigh will not be busy so she will come show her support! But mostly I need her to watch Livy for me while I keep score.
Speaking of Livy, she is a little whirlwind of crazy. She always has a blast at any of the kids games as long as I let her run around like a maniac with all the other kids. She makes "best friends" so easily! I am so thankful for all the other parents on the team that have helped me with her when she has to go potty or something during a game!

The second to last game of the season the boys officially clenched the title of #1 team by beating the #4 team! They were all so excited - and as parents we were so happy too!
This team has been so much fun this year, and the parents are so great too! I am really sad that the season is coming to a close... Next week starts the tournament!