Saturday, July 28, 2007

Baseball & Summer!

One of my favorite parts of Summer is BASEBALL!! I LOVE THIS SPORT!! I love watching the kids play, I love watching my brother play, I love watching the OSU Beavers play & I even love watching the pro's play! For the most part the season is coming to an end, which is pretty much a bummer (but it also means that school is starting soon! yipee!!) Even though it is the end of the season we just discovered this local wood bat league that plays here in Corvallis at the Beaver's Stadium during the summer. So last night Dan and I decided to take the kids (and my brother, Chad) to the game for some family fun! I am so bummed that we did not know about this sooner! We all got in for $24.00 and it was free hat night too - so we got a Corvallis Knight's cap, and it was open seating. The kids had a BLAST! We were close enough that it kept them entertained the whole time and between innings they had contests with the kids in the stands, they had a dance contest and a wheelbarrow race! Oh it was so much fun. Plus at the end of the game the let everyone down on the field so the kids can run the bases and get player autographs! I just can't say enough about how fun this was for the whole family. I have a few pictures here of the kids with the players and running the bases, and of course the picture of Ethan because his ears crack me up!

Monday, July 2, 2007


This is Brintley - she is 6!
This is Jaydin - she is 5!
Ethan & Brintley at the pool.
Spencer, Brintley, Ryleigh & Jaydin all getting ready to jump!
Spencer - 6 years old.

My two nieces, Brintley and Jaydin have been here for a couple of weeks and it has been such a blast! My kids are having so much fun with them and I think they are having so much fun with my kids! I will be so sad to see them go back home to Arizona in a week or two.

Seeing my kids play with their cousins made me realize how grateful I am for close-knit families. I think when Dan and I started dating he was a little overwhelmed because he didn't just meet my parents and brothers and sisters - but he also met the equally important aunts, uncles, grandparents and COUSINS! I love that they are just more family - just as important as brothers and sisters. I miss them all like crazy because they are all in Arizona an I am here in Oregon but I love them just the same.

My new friend

I have decided to embrace my new PICC line! At first I was a little nervous about a tube going into my arm and ending up 3 centimeters from my heart, but after 2 liters of fluid/vitamins today I am feeling great!! So It might not be so bad after all. I am ready to start feeling better already and whatever I need to make that happen - works for me!