Thursday, May 31, 2012

Second Place

 Well Spencer's little league team took SECOND place twice this season... The got second place in the regular season as well as second in the tournament. The Diamondbacks took first place in both categories (they were our nemesis all season.)  The boys all played pretty well for the most part and we totally excited for their two trophies.

 Spencer's coach has been coaching little league for several years, and has always been the A's. He had these helmets that he let the boys use throughout the season. Since this was his last season coaching he decided to give the 5 helmets to the most influential players on the team. Spencer got a helmet. Of course it was his "special helmet" the one he used all season without fail after it protected his noggin. You can kinda tell in the picture below (the black spot to the right of the 's) He got hit with a pitch right in the head and it took the paint right off the helmet!
 Now he really does look special in  his "special helmet" because he wears it around all day. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A "Graduate"

I had to put the word graduate in quotations because I just had a miniature rant on Facebook the other day about how annoying it is to me that my news feed was clogged up with hundreds of photos & video clips of  all of the children of my friends' various "graduations". Keep in mind not a single one was actually graduating from High School or College. We are talking 3rd grade...pre-school....kindergarten....6th grade...5th grade........ ya! Pretty much EVERY grade except for the ones that matter!

On that note: Ryleigh was promoted to high school!!! YAY! We are so proud of her. She finished junior high school with a combined GPA of 3.76 - that's pretty dang good!

The 8th grade (8D group) class of Santan Junior High 2012

Santan Storm

On her way for that certificate

She was just excited that she got lots of cheers from her peers, considering she has only been going to this school for the fourth quarter!

Ryleigh's Santan Bestie: Macayla

Dan and I could not be prouder. She works so amazingly hard and we know it. We could not have asked for a better daughter.

Regloo even tagged along for the graduation!

Monday, May 14, 2012


We have a close-knit family...and it is wonderful and rare. Dan has a lot of brother & sisters ( 3 sisters, 2 brothers & a half brother) and we all get along! And better than get along: we like each other. We have so much fun as a family together. I think it is completely unique that my children not only know their cousins but they are really really really good friends with their cousins!

For Mother's Day this year one of Dan's sisters had the genius idea to get a picture of all the grand kids for their mom (kids gramma - Dan's mom)...after MUCH himm hawwing back and forth about location....clothes... we finally did it! Personally I think they turned out wonderful! 12 kids 15 & younger!...and there is one on the way. I guess we will have to re-do this picture when baby-boy Sarver gets here.

The Grandsons-
Left to right: Spencer, Ethan, Joel, Garrett, Maddox, Kingsley

The Granddaughters
Left to Right: Ashley, Daniella, Olivia, Addisyn, Jayda, Ryleigh

Ashley, Jayda & Ryleigh have always been close

Cory & Hayley's boys: Kingsley & Maddox

Nicole & Fred's kids: Daniella & Joel

Adam & Aubrey's kids: Ashley, Jayda, Garrett, Addisyn

Dan & Jeni's (our) kids: Ryleigh, Spencer, Ethan, Olivia

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I am not feeling overly inspired to post about anything specific today which is making this a difficult post for me. I have typed..erased...typed...delete... I just can't seem to put into words my feelings. Therefore I am going to be simple.

I am thankful and grateful to be a mother. I love my children so much. The only issue with motherhood that I have is that it is going by WAY too fast! I can't believe how rapid time moves! I want them to stay little and precious forever. I know that they are growing up and getting older but the good news is that I will ALWAYS be their mom... and I really lucked out in that department.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ryleigh's First Dance

Ryleigh had her very first dance today! Of course it just happened to be the 8th Grade Formal! We couldn't start slow with an easy casual dance...noooo we had to start with a BANG! It was actually a lot of fun shopping for a dress with her and getting her all pretty. She looked like a little Goddess when she was all done.  She went with her bestie Macayla and apparently they had a great time. She told me that she danced with 1 boy.. and he was a little strange. It was so bittersweet to send her off (I really wanted to chaperon! but she was not nearly as excited about that idea) but I am so glad that she is such a great teenager so we the bitter was outweighed by the sweet!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Diamondbacks vs. Giants

Tonight Ryleigh took me to the Diamondbacks game...sorta. It started out that way at least.

Earlier in the week she won 2 D-backs tickets from one of her teachers at school. It was some sort of raffle. The tickets were certainly the type you would expect to win in a raffle. Section 329 row 30....nosebleeds. Nevertheless we were super excited to go, and be together.
Since my dad works at Chase field he has a handy parking pass that allows him to park in the player parking area for free! Jokingly I asked him if we could carpool with him to the game. A few days later he came to me and told me that YES I could carpool with him and he actually got some tickets for him, my mom & me & Ry. WAY BETTER SEATS than we had before! This time we were in section 129! Row 26! We had so much fun with my parents!
The diamondbacks even ended up winning - 5-1...ending a 5 game losing streak then after the show there was fireworks!! Then after that there was a concert!
One of my dads clients were the ones putting on the concert so we got VIP passes to go down on the field. As we stood down there amongst all these sweaty Christians with their eyes closed singing along and swaying we realized we were a little out of place. So we went and sat in some seats and gave our VIP passes to some little kids In a Christian youth group that was so excited to see "Crowder"! Our good deed of the day! Thanks for a great day Ry! I love you!!