Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night we rocked out! Because Dan is an Iraqi War Veteran we get all sorts of crazy perks and last night was one of them. We got FREE TICKETS to go see Def Leppard, Poison & Cheap Trick at Cricket Pavillion (which is August?) We had a dang blast! Since Dan's brother, Adam, is also an OIF Vet he was able to get tickets too and then we got a couple extra for Dan's sisters Nicole & Kaela. Here we are waiting for the show to start. Our seats were lawn seats so they we not the best- but since we got there early we were on the first row! The seats were actually not too bad.... for a while. Once Poison came out people started smushing their way forward and crushing us in. Why do drunk people have no personal bubble?

Yesterday we tied the record for temperature at 113*! It was pretty warm, can you tell? I am glistening. Once, the sun went down it was not as bad cause we were on the grass...but then when all the people started smushing their way in it got hot....REALLY HOT.

Poor Dan has some eardrum issues (thanks Army!) and so he HAS to have earplugs. He forgot to bring some from home and so he was going to try to tuff it out but after the very first note I could tell that he was not going to make it. He had a look of serious pain on his face. Luckily guest services will give them to you for free. phew.

Okay, they would not let us have cameras in the show so I tried my best to capture everything with a cell phone. So here is some video from each band... its a little shotty. Sorry

Cheap Trick:
okay, poor Cheap Trick. They seemed a little bitter that they were the opening act. They kept saying over and over that they were the best band ever, and they kept telling us that they were the only one with a top 5 Elvis hit... blah blah blah... The crowd was pretty sparse for Cheap Trick.

Ahhhh Poison... I LOVE POISON!! I always have, I probably always will. They sounded really great live and they put on a good show. They thanked our Military more than a couple of times and they were awesome! I love poison!

Def Leppard:
This band holds some serious childhood memories for me. So it was really fun to see them live. They put on an AMAZING show! I just wanted to dance the whole time and Dan kept laughing at me. YEAH FOR SUPER FUNNESS!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day!

It is already that time for us! I can't believe that school is back in session. This year my poor kids only got about 6 weeks of summer because in Oregon they didn't get out until June 11th! Oregon kids don't go back to school until the week after Labor Day. They didn't seem to mind at all though. In fact they were MORE THAN READY to get back to school. They all rode their scooters to school this morning with their cousins and then I met up with them to make sure they knew where to go. It was total chaos this morning. We are coming from a school with less than 200 students and this school is at least 3 times that!
I think Ethan was the most nervous this morning. He was not very chatty, like he normally is. I can't believe he is going to be in second grade. His teacher is Mr. Fetsco this year and he seems pretty great. I just hope that he will be able to challenge Ethan.

Spencer was his usual care-free self. He always is so good to just go with the flow. I think inside he was a little nervous but he doesn't let us know. He has Ms. Murray for 3rd grade this year and she seems very organized but relaxed which is exactly what Spencer needs.

Ryleigh was, I think, a little embarrassed to have me at the school. She was fine to go find her own teacher and line and stuff. Adios MOM! It does my heart good though because next year is Junior High and she will need to have a little bit of that independent confidence. She is in 6th grade and has Mr. Moore and evidently he is awesome. Everyone was telling Ryleigh that she is so lucky and at meet the teacher night he had more past students in visiting him that new students from this year.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


When you come from a large family it is a very rare occurrence to have everyone together at once. Well this week ended up being pretty special. Dan's brother Cory and his wife Hayley were in town with their little boy Maddox and so even though not all of Dan's siblings were here (April lives in Oregon) all of the Linn grandchildren were! So of course we could not pass up this opportunity for a picture (the last Linn grand kid picture only has 6 kids in it - I would say we have grown a little!) I could not pass us this chance to get pictures of Livy with her hair on FIRE. The sun was just too perfect!

Maddox was finally starting to warm up to me and then they left. Of course.

Ashley, Ryleigh and Jayda have become extremely close this past summer (we do live 2 doors down) and it has been so great for all of them. They are all a great influence on each other and I love them so much!