Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun at the Park!

As much as I complain about the weather - yesterday was beautiful! Sunny - high of 78* - can you ask for better weather? no, not really. So we walked down to our little community park with the kids and the dog. Here are some pictures of them all:

This was Livy's first time on a swing and she absolutely LOVED it! It was so cute to here her little giggle. Next time I will have to bring the video camera to capture it!

Whoa - hold on just a minute

umm yeah - last I checked she was only 7 months old (yesterday) and she is already pulling herself up! Right after I took this picture she took a big step toward me but then fell flat on her face! She is just amazing me everyday.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Summer Love

Anyone who knows me - or follows my blog - knows how much I look forward to the summer because of Baseball!!! When we are not watching our kids play, we are usually watching Chad play and on the rare day when no one is playing we go to the Knights Game!

Spencer was picked to go down on the field between innings and participate in a relay race. His team lost but he had fun anyways.
Olivia has resigned herself to the fact that baseball will just be a part of her life forever.

Ryleigh's friend from Arizona, Taylor was spending the night with us so she got to come along for the ride.
Ethan and Spencer live for the sport - so of course the totally enjoyed themselves.

Me & Liv

During the 7th inning stretch Ryleigh and Ethan were asked to come onto the field and sing "take me out to the ball game".
After the game the kids get to come on the field and get autographs and run the bases.

Ryleigh & Taylor were hanging out in the dugout looking for something for the team to sign - eventually they scored the official game roster.
While the kids were busy schmoozing with the players Livy & I hung out on the left field lawn. That grass was AWESOME!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Foods

Well Olivia got to experience the deliciousness of carrots yesterday and she was absolutely in LOVE!! She wanted to feed herself but in the process made a huge mess.

Why is it that babies learn how to blow raspberries right around the same time they start on solids! Just something to ponder.
Please excuse the blurriness - I had Ryleigh take the pictures. I guess we need a little camera 101 class!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wait a minute....

Well this has been a big week for little miss Olivia. All of the sudden she is crawling (at a full speed!) She has even been seen pulling herself up to a standing position! She has been oddly content over the past week too. She has always been a "needy" girl but all of the sudden she is so chill to just hang out all by her lonesome - and she finds herself funny! Then yesterday I noticed a tooth! She has her first tooth! awwh tear.... This is all happening way too fast for me!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good Friends

If you are lucky, once in a lifetime you will make friends that you absolutely love. They are like family. You would do anything for them, they would do anything for you and you enjoy any moments you spend together. Lucky for us we have a couple of friends that fall into this category. The Richardson's most definitely fit snugly in our hearts. We were lucky enough to see them this week. And here are some pictures.
This is Madden (left) and Gannon (Right)
Ryleigh and Taylor have been really good friends since they were 18 months! I should dig up some of those pictures!

Gannon, being a typical boy, managed to gash open his eye while we were there. I was surprised it wasn't one of my kids.