Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Catch-up

I know my blog has been suffering seriously bad lately! I apologize! Life has certainly got in the way. If I thought I was busy with 4 kids when they were little I was a FOOL! I can not even believe the time consumption that these kids take! We are moving at a high rate of speed constantly!! 

So here is April in chronological order:

Ethan is playing Little League this year for the Red Sox. He has 3 other kids from his club team on this team which is awesome, plus he has the same coaches too. Their team is not bad! They ended up being the #3 seed of 8 teams. 

Ethan Pitching
 Ethan had a pretty outstanding little league season. He played Catcher, Pitcher & Shortstop and he batted cleanup! Not too shabby.
Ethan Catching

Here is a video of Ethan's triple!

My dear friend Arianna, from the Raptor's,  became a grandma in April. Since her son and his girlfriend are pretty young, and still reliant on their parents, all the Raptor moms got together and purchased diapers and wipes for the baby. We ended up with a HUGE box for them! It was a feeling that I could never describe when the whole team came together to support one of our own. I am so grateful for the families that have become family through club baseball.
Our diaper/wipes for the new baby!! 
 Then... on April 5th she was born! Her name is Isabella and she is precious. Arianna called me and asked me to come see her at the hospital and so of course I came down! She was beautiful and snugly and pink! What is not to love about a newborn baby???
Arianna & Bella 


Olivia has been creative with her food choices! She is stating to ask to make her own food and requests combinations that I would not normally make. As long as it isn't toxic I allow it. She has loved it every time! This particular day she requested "beans on toast" for dinner! I think she got this idea from Peppa Pig.

Olivia & her Beans on Toast!

Spencer is in his last season of Little League and is playing for the A's. His coaches are wonderful and I really like all the boys on the team. They are a good team too! They finished #4 of 13 teams. Unfortunately for Spencer he has had a rough season. He is an amazingly talented athlete and right now he has no drive. He just wants to sit and blob out on the couch all day. I am hoping and praying that it is just his stage in life (pre-teen problems!) and not a new Spencer coming through. It kills me to watch this happening and feel to helpless in helping him. I am hoping that the summer break from baseball will be everything he needs to get excited for the sport to start up again. PLEASE! Even though he struggled with his drive his coach still saw the amazing athlete within and had him play shortstop nearly the entire season. He pitched at the beginning of the season but he developed a pretty gnarly and painful knot in his throwing elbow and so it just became too painful for him for a while, and by the time it was feeling better the team was in a good flow for pitchers.

Spencer pitching. 

Grandma Suey is always such a wonderful gramma! Every time she comes over she brings a little something special for Olivia. It's not anything major, just something from the dollar section of Target. But it means the world to Olivia and the best part is: she takes the time to play with her! I love that about her. What is more important than loving your grand kids??
Gramma Suey blowing bubbles with Olivia

My grandpa got honored in April for being the Mesa Public Schools Teacher of the Year through the Chamber of Commerce. I was so excited for him that I invited myself along to the ceremony! I had no idea that it would be such a fantastic evening. I am so proud of him!

I think what made this award extra special was that it was based on a student nomination. Students could write in and explain what makes their teacher the best! Then the teacher of the year was selected from the essays. When I was a student the last thing I ever wanted to do was write an essay about any of my teachers!
The caption about him from the program

Gramma Suey & Grandpa Ken

Bridgette (the Student that wrote in), My mom & Me

Our food! The salad was by far my favorite part of the meal!

We had our monthly girls lunch at Amalie's house in April and I got to meet my newest cousin! Nikaela had her fourth baby, a boy! His name is Hyrum. He was absolutely adorable.
Me & Hyrum
 My mommy was sick at this girls lunch but it was my Aunt Cori's FIRST girls lunch as an official girls lunch participant since she moved back to Arizona! We, of course, needed a picture of all of us to celebrate!
Nikaela, Me, Amalie, Cori, Suey