Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swim lessons!

I put Olivia in Swim lessons this summer because she is such a fish! We just started this last Monday and so far so good. She is not crying or drowning, which is an excellent sign. There are 3 kids in her class and so it is very individualized which is really wonderful and it is NOT a mom & tot class so  I just get to watch her from the sidelines! She is the little class clown too. She loves to splash the other kids and the teacher and be wiggly. She is a crack up to watch!

Dan's sister Nicole asked us a few weeks ago if we would be interested in putting the boys in dive lessons with her son Joel and the other boy cousin Garrett and so of course we agreed. They started this last Monday as well and they are really enjoying themselves. They have been working on how to step off the diving board these past 2 days, so no diving yet. But they love it anyways.

This is Ethan, doing a cannonball

After they started getting the hang of properly jumping off the board the teacher threw in a little extra task. Catching a tennis ball as you jump off the board. Can you see the tennis ball in the next few pictures?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Better Late than Never

So this year, just like all other past years we did participate in the Spring Baseball Season. The only problem was that we did not get ANY pictures so I was completely reliant on family coming to the game and taking the pictures for me and then getting the pictures to me. (that would be why this post is a month over due!)

Spencer played Minors this year. During practices I was really nervous. Their team was not so put together and were definitely going to struggle but I didn't say anything to Spencer because he thought they were the best team ever! The first game they ever played as a team they actually clobbered the other team! I was totally blown away. As the season progressed they still did really well and I was proud of them. They were not the best team in the league but certainly not the worst.

Spencer I think found his place in the game. His coach was impressed with his ability to catch almost anything. He has an amazing glove... and so he was placed at First for most of every game. Thankfully Spencer really loves it there. He actually wants to continue playing there and wants a 1st baseman's glove. Of course he would rather be pitcher (BUT I wouldn't! that is stressful when your kid is the one pitching!) but first base is a good alternative because you are always getting the ball.

Ethan played in the Coach Pitch age this year and it was torture. Last year we had the connections in Oregon so I bumped him up - but this year in Arizona I have no connections so he had to play with kids his own age. I think next year he will be old enough to bump up... I am praying he will be old enough to bump up! I took pictures of him at one of his games but I can not find them - and the only picture I have is this one:

This picture is not even at his game! One of Spencer's teammates was late at one game so they put a shirt on Ethan and stuck him out in Right Field. He really loved it and thought he was hot stuff! He is a remarkable player and so I really hope that next year he will be a little more challenged.

I was the official score keeper for Spencer's team which I loved way more than I ever thought I would. I got to know these boys on a totally different level and see the game from a statistical point a view! I really hope I can do it again next year. Of course, the draw back is you can't take any pictures while you are keeping score!