Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Spec's

Two years ago we took the whole family to the optometrist for some check ups. The silly man told Dan and myself that our children had wonderful eye sight but we could, if we wanted too, purchase them reading glasses. Why would you ever get reading glasses for a child with perfect eyes you ask?? I wondered the same thing but we politely declined and went our merry way.

Spencer in his 9 year-old wisdom heard the optometrist say "Your child needs glasses, especially to read". We have been assuring him for 2 years that his eyes are fine and that he just misunderstood the doctor. Well this school year he has taken it a step further. He asked his teacher if he could sit in the front row because he couldn't see the board and he tells her that he can not see anything. At his 11 year-old check-up he failed the eye exam. I thought FOR SURE that this dang kid was pretending because he just wanted some cool accessories (like one of his best friends). In my mind, there is NO WAY for him to be a successful baseball player if he really can't see.

Reluctantly I decided to take him to a NEW optometrist to check out his eyes. I did a lot of research and found one that used new technology so Spencer couldn't cheat his way into a super cool pair of glasses.

Sure enough he is near-sighted and has an astigmatism.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Love: the Linn family

Since I failed to send out Christmas cards this year (I'm Sorry!) I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give a family update for those that are dying to know how 2011 has treated our little family. Here goes:

 Olivia:  Miss Livy turned 4 just a few days ago and is continuing everyday to bless our lives with her odd-ball personality. She is very precocious and a little wild and incredibly amusing. She says the strangest things. She is all girl and loves everything pink, glittery and Justin Bieber. She really loves to dance. I am hoping to get her enrolled in some dance classes in January.

Ethan: "E" turned 9 last August and is in 3rd grade. He loves school and is doing wonderfully. Holding strong to all A's & B's. He is very goal oriented and is usually good on achieving those goals. He is a talented athlete as well. He played a season of flag football this fall and really enjoyed it. Next time we will be putting him in tackle though, he just has a natural aggression that he was not able to use in flag, for fear of penalties. He is also playing Club baseball for the Raptor's 11U team. He is growing tremendously in baseball and he makes me so proud.

Spencer: Spencer turned 11 last October and is in 5th grade. This little man has finally met his match with school. He is highly intelligent and has been able to coast through school without studying and doing much work until this year. This year it has all caught up with him. He has learned the hard way that school is numero UNO in his life for the next 10 years! I think that finally, at the half-way mark, he has discovered that he is a smart kid and with 10% more effort he is a freaking genius. Spencer is also super athletic. He plays baseball for the same club team as Ethan, the Raptor's 11U. He is a huge part of the team and always a starting player. He is a phenomenal second and first baseman as well as a force in the outfield. You wouldn't guess it by looking at this kid either but he can CRUSH a baseball. Not too much longer and he will be putting them over the fence.

Ryleigh: Bug is going to be 14 in February.... she is half-way through her 8th grade year and is anxiously waiting for high school next year. She is SUPER driven. She always strives for straight A's and up until this year has always been successful. She has a couple of teachers this year that she struggles to learn from but she still manages a high 'B' in those classes. She is working hard at earning money to go to Europe with her Spanish teacher in May. So far she has saved $750.00 of the $4500.00 that she needs. We are really proud of her. She is also an athlete. Right now she is playing softball for her junior high school. She rotates between center field and first base. She is a great spirit on the team and a good player. She had spent most of 2011 playing softball for a club team with her cousin Jayda. They had a blast together and both of them improved tremendously!

Dan and I continued to raise our 4 wonderful children and are constantly grateful for their individual little personalities. I really mean that too - I am not just blabbing nonsense here. We talk - on  a regular basis - about how lucky we are and how awesome we think our kids are.  Dan graduated from Nursing school in August and in a freakish swing of amazing luck got hired on almost immediately at Banner Good Sam in Phoenix in their PCU department on the cardiac floor. He is really loving the work, but he is still going to school. He should have his bachelor's by this time next year (at which point he says we can PARTY!) and then he will apply for both NP & CRNA school. I am so grateful for him and the life that he provides for our family. I have just been busy being the mom. I drive kids all over the place and back again. I love every minute of it and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Well until next year.....
Merry Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Lou Who

Four Years ago today our family got a little bigger and our lives got a little brighter. 
We sure had no clue that the sweet little red-headed baby would be a wild crazy maniac at four. But I sure am grateful for her spunkiness - she keeps us on our toes for sure. 

Happy Birthday Olivia Kaye
I love you!
Some information about Olivia:

Favorite Color: Purple & Pink
Favorite Food: Apples & grapes
Favorite TV show: Yo Gabba Gabba!, Dora, Bubble Guppies, Team Oomizoomie
Favorite Movie: Nemo, Monsters Inc, Cinderella
Favorite Toy: Squishy Squishy Squashies, Babies, guitar, piano & babies
Favorite Song: Baby by Justin Bieber
Favorite Store: Target 

Here are a few pictures of her over the past year:
Olivia & Addysen

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Battle Nativity

One of my favorite Christmas decorations is the Nativity scene. In the years past I have tried to collect one a year, so I have a lot of them now. Most of them are up on higher shelves but some are either too big or too small or I just don't have enough space for them. When I set them out I like to have them set all beautifully so that I can see the whole scene, everyone looking out (towards me).

Olivia the other hand thinks it needs to be a more realistic set-up. She goes behind me and sets them all up, surrounding baby Jesus, probably more like it should be. It is definitely a battle of the wills. everyday.