Wednesday, September 16, 2009

That Hair!

I have been collecting pictures of Olivia over the past couple months because her hair is a constant crack up. Nine times out of ten it is completely out of control and unruly. I can comb it and put it in pretty bows in the morning but by 9:00am it is a giant red, frizzy Afro once again. So while it is cute it is also frustrating and I just thought I would share a couple of her best looks.

OH! This is what happens when we round brush it... cute huh? Or just weird..I haven't decided. Anyways, it only stays like this for about 30 minutes and then it springs back up again. We have however flat-ironed it before - NOT CUTE... (think Christopher Lloyd in Back the the Future!)


Hi, my name is Olivia and I have an addiction.... I am addicted to Junk Food.

..Hi Olivia..

I can't seem to help myself. The first thing I say to my grandmothers is not "hello" it is "keekee" (aka - cookie) I run straight to their cupboards and throw myself on the floor in a fit of rage if they do not have what I desire. At home I have mastered the art of opening the cereal boxes and consuming large quantities of dry coco-puffs before anyone knows. I have even stooped as low as to dig out my brothers uneaten chocolate pudding out of the trash. I just need a little help... Or grammas with a better supply.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Will Never Forget

Can you believe that it has been 8 years? It seems like yesterday, but yet a lifetime ago. A time before Ethan, Olivia, North Carolina, Texas, Iraq, Oregon.... a time when we felt we were invincible because we lived in the United States Of America.
Our kids came home from school last week telling us that on Friday (September 11th) they needed to wear Red, White & Blue because it is Patriot Day at school. They had no idea why they needed to wear these colors or why this day was when it was. It occurred to us that even though we remember that tragic day like it was yesterday, they have absolutely no recollection of it. Eight years ago, as a nation, we promised that we would never forget. Many already have. Dan and I decided that we wanted to teach our kids about the importance of this day and why we will never forget. So we took them to Tempe Town Lake for The Healing Field.

This was so breathtaking. They have nearly 3,000 flags standing in remembrance of all the victims that died that day. You can not be there and not feel the emotions, the weight, that this day in our history brings. Some of the flags had a little note card with a story about a person attached. Even my children, who often seem so aloof, were in awe of the amount of flags in the ground. It gives some much needed perspective.