Friday, August 30, 2013

Livy's first conference

We are half-way through our first grading quarter for school already! Which meant that our first round of parent/teacher conferences was last week. I have never dreaded conferences, my kids have always been good at school and polite kids so usually it is just a nice time to get to see their classroom and really get to know the teacher. (Except one year with Spencer (4th grade) , talk about 2 personalities that didn't mix!) 

This year I have been a little hesitant for Olivia's conference. Let's just say, I have been.... nervous. 
Don't get me wrong! I love this girl! She is spunky and strong and confident - all traits that I LOVE about her, but I was concerned that she might come across as a little... mean for the kindergarten population. Especially since she has been coming home from school just awful! She is flat out defiant when she gets home from school! Which is something so unlike her normal (before she was at school all-day) demeanor. 
 Well when we walked into her classroom we were about 10 minutes early, and there wasn't a conference before us,  so this is how our conversation went:

Me: "we are early, do you want us to wait or do you want to start a little early?"
Mrs. V: "Oh good! You're early!" 
Me: just my thoughts... {oh great! why!?!? why is she glad we are early?! Because she has to tell us about behavior issues before we go onto curriculum!}
Mrs. V: "That way I can spend the first twenty minutes telling you how much I LOVE your daughter and then we can talk about what she has been learning for the last 10 minutes!"
Me: [wide eyes: open mouth: near tears of joy!] "Really!"

She went on to tell us that Olivia is such a good kid! She said that she is genuinely kind and thoughtful of others. That she never participates in any negative behaviors and she definitely avoids the "girl drama". She is a friend to all the kids and she is very loved by her peers, in fact, anytime they get to take a buddy with them she is always the first one picked.

I don't think I can accurately describe the feelings of pride I had in that moment! I can handle the mean girl and the exhausted girl and the defiant girl at home - if that means that she is using what we have taught her when she is at school. She is representing our family well and I am so proud of that.

I do feel like I need to give a little props to Ryleigh for being such a fantastic big sister and a great example of what it means to be a female and not be a part of the "drama" that often comes with the gender. She is a great role model for Olivia on how to be confident and strong-willed and secure in yourself. I am so appreciative of my girls right now and the beautiful young women that they are. I look forward to their futures and pray that they will continue to always know who they are and stand strong in their beliefs. That is what makes a woman beautiful... is it not??

Sunday, August 18, 2013

YAY! We Survived!

I really feel like we should be so proud of the fact that no one died this weekend of heat related issues. Ethan's club team decided to play in a baseball tournament! So Saturday morning we played at 8:00 & noon and it was miserable. The sun was BLAZING hot and it was humid! That's right...HUMID! What the heck! I had literal sweat rolling off me, and I was just watching them play! ick.

Well anyways, they played 2 games and lost them both. They only lost by 1 run in both games so that was tough, but it made it so we were the last place team going into the tournament on Sunday. So, not to be mean or anything... but I was expecting to show up for our 8am game on Sunday - lose the game - and be home by 10:00. Well we WON our first game. Which was awesome! But that meant that we had to play another game immediately at 10:00am and it was the #1 team. Ya... we beat them too! WHAT!?!?!?! So now it is noon, it is disgustingly hot outside. We are sweaty, sunburned, smelly and going into the championship game that was supposed to start right away but thankfully they gave us a 30 minute break to feed our kids and re-hydrate them. During our break I checked the weather and it was 108* degrees outside, but the funny part was the RED (!). When I clicked on it it said that our area was under an "extreme heat advisory" it went on to say that if we worked or planned to be outside that rescheduling would be a good idea! ha!

We lost the Championship game, but the boys worked really hard and played really well. I couldn't imagine playing 6+ hours of baseball on a day like this! It was out of control hot. I am just so proud of them! Plus they all get a trophy for being the "finalist" anyways!

Post game! Just happy for some air conditioning!

Ethan & Coach Chris

The Generals
Back Left to Right- Coach Will, Keith, Billy, Ethan, Coach Ed
Middle Left to Right - Coach Chris, Alec, Ethan, Tanner, Brett
Front Left to Right - Coach Paul, Carter, Ryan, Hayden, Chacho

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday E!

Wow! Today Ethan turned 11 (at 5:30am!) Since we are having to put off his special birthday dinner because he has a football scrimmage tonight I told him I would make him a special birthday breakfast before school. He chose Eggs Benedict. I LOVE that he loves Eggs Benedict! How many 11 year old's even know what the heck that is!!!????

Happy Birthday E-Man!!
Update: (8/16/13 11:57am)

The football scrimmage was a success! His team looked really good! He plays on starting offense as a wide receiver and he was playing second string defense as a linebacker. When he was on defense he had an interception!! woohoo! Then I made a BUTT LOAD of whoopie pies for the team to help us celebrate Ethan's birthday!

50 whoopie pies! (that is a heavy box!)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Football Conditioning

Oh ya.. It is that time of year again! Time to torture our sons. It honestly surprises me that we can get away with conditioning our children in Arizona on August 1st in football helmets! Thankfully this year has NOTHING on last year. It was actually comfortable outside today. Breezy and in the 90's. Not bad! 

The boys are on two different teams this year, which is a little sucky for me but nice for them. It is good for them to have their own identities. Spencer is still with the Rawhiders - they moved up to the PeeWee division. 

Spencer with the Rawhiders (grabbing his face mask)

 Ethan stayed down at the Junior PeeWee division and his new team is called Rampage. Garrett is on his team again so that is awesome for him! His coach seems great too! I am really excited for both their seasons this year. I just hope their schedules are not too conflicting! {fingers crossed!}

Ethan (also grabbing his face mask....weird)