Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls will be girls

Last weekend Ryleigh's cousins came over for a sleepover. They have grown out of the stage of Barbies and baby dolls so instead they want to give each other makeovers and do their hair. I am trying to stress to them the importance of good skincare. Because really your makeup will only look as good as your skin looks. So I allowed them to use a mint julep mud mask. They were hilarious! Watching them try to talk while that thing was drying up!

Of course Olivia did not want to be left out! She thinks she is a big girl too!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I {heart} Shoes

Anyone that knows me knows that I really really love shoes!

I came across the coolest thing EVER! It is a company called BellaSoles. They do at home shoe parties! Kinda like pampered chef or tupperware but better (what woman wants to go to a party that reminds them that their job for the rest of their lives is to cook and clean! :) )

In December I had my first at home shoe party, it was love at first try-on! I earned 3 PAIRS of FREE shoes at my first party! I couldn't even believe it! After that I had to be a part of this.... so my sister-in-law Aubrey and I decided to join forces and become BellaSoles representatives. It has been so fun!
We had to have a launch party so we did and earned 4 more FREE pairs of shoes!
So if you want to earn some free shoes (or just purchase a pair of super cute shoes for less than $25.00 and boots for under $30.00 ) then email us @ ~

oh oh oh! And get this - if you want to have a party in January then you will earn 2 FREE PAIRS (instead of the usual 1 pair) of shoes JUST for having 10 people (adults) show up plus an extra free pair for every $250.00 spent at your party.  But you have to book soon and have your party
...oh my gosh... I am just so excited about this - can you tell?

oh my goodness and they have unique purses and sunglasses too!
P.S. Thanks Ashley, Jayda & Ryleigh for modeling my FREE SHOES for these pictures!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lets go for a swim

My parents have a pool. It is a fantastic resource in May, June, July, August, September and sometimes the beginning of October. It sits useless during the other months.
Without fail my boys ask us if they can go swimming every-single-time we go over there. I have even had them stick their hands in to see how cold it really truly is. "It's NOT THAT cold" is what they tell me.
So yesterday we are eating dinner at my parents and Spencers flip flop somehow ends up in the center of the pool. There is no reaching it. (of course if we really wanted too we could have used the net to get them out) The boys thought their only option (much to their joy) was to jump in and get them. Lucky enough for Spencer he just happened to be wearing his swimsuit that day.
So we said fine, but let me get the camera first.

Once they hit the water it was sheer panic! Ethan forgot all about the stupid shoes and swam straight for the side. Spencer managed to grab one shoe and then was outta there!
Spencer said he did NOT want to go back in there to get that other shoe and that he could keep a better eye on them next time so they wouldn't end up in the pool again.

Ethan said "aahahahahha!....sob, sniff, gasp"

After they were all done we let them take a warm bath and get in dry clothes. But I don't think they will ask to swim again anytime soon.