Saturday, January 20, 2007

Serving up Slices - News

Check it out!! This is my dad's new pizza place in Oregon!! YEAH!! IT ROCKS!!

Serving up Slices - News

Here is another article featuring Slices....

Friday, January 19, 2007


This is Electra. She is our last puppy. It is so sad that she has not been sold yet because she is so cute! She has the cutest little personality. So if you, or anyone you know wants her - let me know, she won't last long. We have been selling one a day so I imagine her to be gone soon.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's Freezing!!!

It literally is - freezing. We are having temperatures in the mid to high 20's with freezing rain (which, my kids have discovered, is not the same as snow). Although the funny thing is everything closes when it is this cold. I am not kidding. Last night, for instance, it was cold and some sleet was starting to come down at about 6:30 but I needed some cheese for my dinner so I jumped in the car and ran to the grocery store that is here on post - guess what??? IT WAS CLOSED. I guess people don't need food in the cold. So then Dan & I decide to go out to dinner with the kids and half the local restaurants were closed too! The ground was not even icy!! It just makes no sense to me. So yeah - whatever. So last night it rains - of course it is freezing rain so THEY CALL OFF SCHOOL???!!! I am sorry, but there is not even enough white stuff on the ground to hide my grass? What is this - do these people not understand that people in Nebraska are making fun of us!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


For anyone that knows me - you know that I HATE people that lie. I have no time for liars, it drives me absolutely bonkers. There is no point in lying - it gets you nowhere. You end up hurting the people you love and really you just end up looking like an idiot. So I guess the Lord thought it would be comical to plant one right in my own little family. Ethan is turning out to be the worst liar in the world and even still - he chooses to lie about everything. Today after church for instance, we put the puppies with Noelle and Hank (their parents) outside to go potty (which they do relatively quickly) and then after about 5 minutes I let them all back in. Well today was especially hectic because Dan had a meeting right after church, so I was a little side-tracked when I let them all back in. About 2 hours later Dan asks me if I have one of the puppies - "No, they should all be in the living room with Hank." Well of course one is missing. So I search the back yard in all the usual hiding places - no puppy. So then I go into the kids rooms and wake them up - "Do you have one of the puppies" All of them reply "NO". So then I start to get frantic. Again, in my church clothes and slippers I go into the back yard in search of the missing puppy. It is nowhere to be found. So I come inside and put on Dan's tennis shoes and his big Army jacket , I put Noelle on her leash (thinking the mothers bond could find the puppy - right?) and we go around our entire street and the street behind us - the two parks close by - under all the cars - in the bushes - we even ask neighbors if they have seen it. Nothing. Oh did I mention the current Killeen temperature is 29 degrees with freezing misty rain! I had little ice crystals forming on my hair when I finally walked back into the house (I was going to get the car keys and try that route). Guess what I was greeted with upon entrance? ? ? oh yeah - ETHAN WAS SLEEPING WITH THE DANG PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! I just burst into tears I was so relieved and ticked off all rolled into one. I am so lost on how to get him to understand the ramifications of lying. We have tried soap in the mouth, we have tried Hot Chili sauce in the mouth, we have tried the guilt trip - I am so lost on what to do?? HELP!! If you have any ideas please share!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Joseph Smith - the Sailor?

Okay - so the other night we had decided to have our family home evening on Joseph Smith, since we have never really discussed his importance in church history with our children. We usually try to focus on Christ and Heavenly Father and basic principals of the church. This year we decided that we would focus one Monday a month on Prophets of the church. So anyways, here we are getting ready to start FHE - Dan holds up a picture "Can anyone tell me who this is?" Spencer chimes in "OOOOHHH, Joseph Smith!" "Very good Spencer, now can anyone tell me why he is important?" Ryleigh raises her hand - " Didn't he cross the Ocean on the Mayflower?"

Sunday, January 7, 2007


Our puppies are getting so big now. They are going to move out soon and I am a little sad about that. I think we are going to let them go on the 20th of the month. I will be excited to return to only 2 dogs, but it is kinda like selling my kids! It will be so hard. I miss them already!

Nine in the Morning!

So, today was our first Sunday of 9:00am church! I love it! We have moved so many times that I think it has been at least 5 years since we have been to church any earlier than noon! I really was dreading it - I even (jokingly) told the Bishop that we would be inactive this year, but it turns out that Sunday can be a really peaceful day when you are not rushing to get dinner on the table before 6 and get the kids to bed by 7:30. We were home today by 12:30, fed the boys some lunch (Ryleigh fasted) put them all down for a nap - while they were sleeping I planned Family Home Evening and made homemade rolls in my new Bosch (thanks mom! ;)) then when the kids woke up we played Scene It Disney (thanks gramma Suey;)) and had a leisurely dinner followed by showers, rewardboards (wonderful thing if you have kids-, scriptures and bed!! so calm and relaxing!! I love Sundays again.....