Thursday, September 20, 2007

25 weeks!!

I can't believe that I am already - or finally - 25 weeks pregnant. The end is coming so fast all of the sudden! I am posting this horrific picture of myself at 25 weeks for my favorite friends that keep asking questions. I was trying really hard not to show my double chin and in the process I ended up looking a little creepy. Sorry about that. Anywho - I got my glucose test done this last week and I don't have diabetes - which is great! But I am anemic (are we surprised?!), so now I have to add Iron to my daily routine. We had another ultrasound this last week too and things are looking good - she is still a she - which is pretty reassuring. I have bought my first purple outfit! We are still working on a name so if you think of any fantastic names that you want to share with us please do so! Her middle name is Kaye, so it will need to flow nicely. Well I think that is all for now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Day for Ethan!!!

The day is finally here for Ethan! Yesterday was his first day of Kindergarten! He had a fantastic day and was beaming when he got home. The bus ride was the coolest part - evidently. He was so cute because up until the first day of school for him he would wake up in the morning and come to me and say "only 3 more sleep nights until I get to go to school with Ryleigh & Spencer..." or "Only 1 more sleep night until I can go to school too!!" It was so cute how he was counting down. I love it!
Here is the 3 of them on Ethan's first day. Spencer was so great - he sat with Ethan on the bus and walked him to his class at school ( Dan and I followed the bus on Ethan's first day to make sure he got to class okay and didn't have a melt down - which of course he didn't!![have a melt down]) It made me to proud to watch those two walk the hall together. They are such great buddies - I really hope it will stay that way. Ryleigh on the other hand, is not so into her brothers. She is totally into her friends and stuff! It is crazy how all of the sudden a little light switch went on and now all of the sudden she is a tween with attitude. She is still a great kid - I am not complaining but it just means that she is getting older and I am not sure I am ready for that.
I just liked this picture of the boys, it really shows how much they love each other.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Today was the first day of school!!!! FINALLY!!!! According to my kids ever increasing boredom levels, I feel that summer is about 3 weeks too long. Those last couple weeks were torture! They are tired of playing with the same old friends and their toys are no longer fun... it is just the worst time of year according to them! Ryleigh got to the point where she was saying to me "mom, I am bored - what can I do that does not involve cleaning?" lol!! Unfortunately, here in Oregon they like to make the kindergartners feel special and not trampled on so they don't get to start until next week. They have 1/2 of the class come to school on Monday next week, then the other 1/2 of the class come on Tuesday next week and then they all meet up on Wednesday for their first real day of school. It is a little weird to me - but whatever. Poor Ethan though, does not feel special because of this new schedule, instead he feels left out. He wanted to get on the bus this morning! He is dying here!!
Spencer is going into 1st grade!! Can you believe it? I can't. His teacher is Mrs. Taylor and he has a super cool class room with a bunch of windows that all face the playground! I do love the old school buildings (this building is probably as old or older than my grandparents) because they feel more comfortable and the kids are not couped up with no windows or anything!
Ryleigh is starting 4th grade - that is not a typo!! I am totally shocked. I need to start preparing myself now for 5th grade next year because when we were school supply shopping I kept looking at the 3rd grade list! She is totally embarrassed of me and its cool. I love her anyways, and I remember feeling that way about my mom. She has Mrs. Caster this year who seems really nice and organized, she has a website that I can check on that lists all of the assignments and what they are learning about, so that will be great for me.

I just can't believe that all 3 of my kids are going to be in school this year. It is totally fun and amazing! I love it! I will be home alone with no one - for a couple of months anyway.