Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch Date

My grandma lives super close by, which is very convenient. Plus she just retired last year, which is also very convenient. Plus, she is a pretty young gramma which is AWESOME! Last week she called me up because she wanted to have party for her Great Grandkids - just for fun, and just because she can.

So she called up Nikaela (my other cousin with kids)and I and asked us if we could get together for lunch an some water activities this week. Of course we agreed! What a cute idea.

When we got there she had her back yard all set up with a Toy Story slip n' slide and an inflatable pool. Plus she was BBQing Hot dogs, made little finger sandwiches, chips, fruit salad, Cesar salad, pasta salad, Popsicles and cookies! We had enough food to feed all the potential Great Grandkids she could have!
Olivia and Bella are little foodies - they love to eat. They are actually very similar, and there is only a 10 day age difference between them, it is fun to have them so close too! Who knows their second cousins?

Ryleigh was not able to attend our shindig because she is at Girls Camp with her Young Women's group (I sent her with a camera so hopefully there will be pictures of that coming!)

Of course, as with anything the party ended with a Naked Olivia. She has a problem keeping clothes on for some reason.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Last weekend we took the kids on a little local vacation. Dan's sister told us about a resort in Phoenix called the Arizona Grand Resort - the prices were not too bad so we thought it would be a great little weekend getaway with the family.
It was a total blast!
The resort has a private water park for hotel guests only that had 3 slides, a wave pool, a lazy river and a kiddie pool.

Our Suite overlooked the Oasis Water Park area of the hotel and we had a little private balcony that the kids could torture themselves with. Here we have a picture of Ethan getting his head stuck in the railing!

The second day we were there I decided to be brave and take my nice camera down to the water. I followed the kids around while they did all the various activities throughout the park. The smaller of the three slides was a twisty curly slide. It was pretty fun, but a little weak - it would have been perfect for Olivia but you have to be 48" tall to ride the slides (lame).
The larger two slides, however, were CRAZY! Apparently they are 8 stories high! At the top of the slides you can literally see the entire valley. You can see Chase field and Sun Devil Stadium - it was really a very cool view - I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!
All 3 of my older kids are little daredevils. They loved the slides and they did them over and over again. This morning I only got pictures of Ryleigh and Ethan on these slides because Spencer said he didn't like the way it made his tummy feel like butterflies were inside of it. So we stood together at the bottom of the slide and captured these awesome moments.
Of course the lazy river was always a great way to relax and cool off. The only problem was people that apparently thought it was the racing river. They would literally run around chasing each other - which would make it a little less relaxing.
The last day we were there I got smart! I went to Walgreen's and bought a cheap little $10 disposable WATERPROOF camera!
Best invention ever!
So the rest of these are just random pictures with the waterproof camera!
Olivia waiting on the steps of the lazy river for a double tube.
Ethan, Garrett & Spencer running around like crazies!
Olivia and I floating down the lazy river
Olivia under the water!
Ryleigh & Ashley on the lazy river
About mid-day Livy got pretty tired so she took a nap - on me - in the wave pool.
Garrett & Joel (and Ethan is on the right) under the water
Ryleigh and Jayda under the water
Dan and I - can you tell which one of us burns?