Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So strange - so random

okay, so you know I have a little music player at the bottom of this page that I have taken lots of time putting together. I have carefully selected songs that have memories associated with them or that we just love.

So today, I was updating my page and the blog music was playing in the background. The Coldplay song "yellow" came on and then I started to freak out because I thought someone was there in my room with me singing along! Turns out - whoever I get the link for that song from has edited it and includes himself singing along! hilarious. I am going to leave it up so everyone can find it and listen to his abilities for a week or two and then bye bye wierd-o!

p.s. it is song #41 on my playlist! :)

I wait all year long...

I think I probably post about this every single year - but it is the truth! I can't go a single year without shouting it from my computer desk!

March does bring wonderful things ~ such as.....

It also brings BASEBALL!

Which is the best American pastime ever!

Of course we will miss:

This is our first spring in Arizona since 2002...

But we are excited for:

And - as always we can't wait to watch the boys play this year. (Ryleigh is not playing this year - totally my fault, registration is EARLY here! I barely got the boys registered in time!)

Of course with the Spring we welcome that amazing weather... oh wait - we have had that all WINTER TOO! (Have I mentioned that I love this State?)
But the desert in bloom is a beautiful site - one that I must honestly say I never noticed until I moved away, and then back:

It is a different beautiful. One that I hope to never overlook again.

So here is your warning: It has begun (baseball season) - if you don't like baseball or don't enjoy reading about it - I will suggest that you take a 4 month hiatus from my blog because it is about to rule our lives for the next little bit! 
And I can't wait!