Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Raptor's

We had our annual end of the season swim party at the McKinnon's again this year for the Raptor's, and since it was our last one with the team I wanted to get a special gift for the coaches. On the drive home from California we were listening to the kids watch The Sandlot on the DVD player (and I was cracking up! I don't even have to see it to love it!) and Dan said "we should take a sandlot picture of the Raptor's!" and I knew at that moment that it was meant to be! So I sent out a text to the team right then and set it up for the following Friday! Here are some of my favorite shots...

Top Left to Right: Clay, RH, Robert, Zac, Parker, Cam
Bottom Left to Right: Spencer, Jackson, Ashton, Ryan, Conner, Nate

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vacation! Day 5.... or drive home!

We had planned to leave Sunday afternoon after our last game. The boys wanted to stay really really bad one more night! We made them a deal - if they win their games then we will stay another night (because who wants to drive 6 hours home after watching 6 hours of baseball??) 
 Three hours later we were on the road! Yep! We got shellacked - again. This one was tough because after the game Dan said goodbye to the boys and that he has loved being their coach. They were all pretty sad. A bunch of the boys were crying. All the parents were sad and teary. It was a terrible way to end the tournament. But I am thankful still for all their friendships and the amazing memories we have had with them!

We stopped at In-and-Out on our way out of town and I saw this.... I was confused. Men: Don't try this at home- EVER!
Ugg boots are bad enough, but on a man with camo cargo's! eek!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Vacation!! Day 4

Spencer was one of only 2 base runners for us in the first game
So this might come as a surprise but the only way we could fit in this fun vacation with our schedule was to go for a baseball tournament! haahah! Yep, The Raptor's were there to play in a tournament. The games didn't go so well. They pretty much got worked. It was a fun time anyways though! 

I am wondering what that 3rd baseman is thinking???

Spencer played 1st base, it's his favorite position! 
 After our butt whooping we went and celebrated at this place called Lamp Post Pizza! It was delicious! I would totally go back. It was so fun to spend time with our Baseball family. The boys all get along so well and it is like one big happy family. I am so grateful that all these wonderful people are a part of our life and I am thankful that I can call them friends. Of course, this is all a bittersweet time for us since this is our last tournament with the Raptors. It is breaking my heart really....

Left side of the table front to back: Jackson, Ashton, Cam, Clay in stripes, Robert in the hat. Right side front to back: Zac, Ty, Conner, RH, Parker, Ryan, Nate
I love these boys!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vacation!! Day 3!

While all of our favorite Arizona people were enjoying record heats we were "suffering" in the beautiful coastal weather.  Thankfully we had a day of outdoor fun planned! 

We took the kids to Knott's Berry Farm!! 
We found these AMAZING deals online for tickets! (They were less than $30 a ticket!!) So we got together with friends from the team and spent the day riding coasters with the kids! Here is a brief overview of our 8 hours spent at the park: 

When we got in the park there was a gigantic wood roller coaster staring us down. All the kids immediately wanted to go on it. So we did. 
The Ghost Rider

Dan and Krissi stayed back with the younger kids that were not tall enough to ride and myself and the other adults and most of the kids got in line. and then we waited. and waited. and waited. and when we finally got to the front of the line they sent us upstairs to board the coaster and we found ourselves waiting in another line. and waiting. and waiting. Finally it was time to ride! (Thank you cell phones for me being able to call Dan and tell him to take the kids on some rides while they wait!) Once we finally got to board the coaster we ended up going at different times since the line was huge! Ethan and his friend Bryce rode at the same time as Ryleigh & I so I couldn't get a picture of them, but Spencer and Zac took the coaster after us so I got a picture of them pre-ride. (hah! They look so hopeful! I wish I would have thought to get a post-ride picture!!) 
Spencer & Zac

Ryleigh & I - before take off! 

 Okay, I don't know if it is because I am older or because it was a wooden coaster or I am just getting weak but OH.MY.GOSH. I had to take Advil after the ride! I think I had whiplash!!! Don't get me wrong, it was AWESOME! But my neck hurt, my head hurt, my heart was racing and I still loved it!

After the Ghost Rider we met up with Dan, Krissi & the littles over in the family area of the park. Even though the boys claimed that they "loved" the Ghost Rider they were more than happy to ride on the family rides over and over again. They were in no hurry to get on a big coaster anytime soon.

Addison, Ethan & Bryce on the Pacific Scrambler

Nate & Spencer 
 Dan was in line with Olivia to ride the Surf Rider when we got there, so of course I didn't want to take away his fun so I stayed back and took pictures of them. If you know Dan he HATES rides that go in circles, so this was right up his alley! ;)  The look of joy on Olivia's face was worth it though!

Dan & Olivia

Then Dan and Stephanie (one of our friends) took the kids over to the Coast Rider. A "family" roller coaster that allows you to be in a single car. Olivia was tall enough to ride this ride. Unfortunately she was on the inside seat, next to Dan, and in the back row so I could never get a good picture of her face but she said that it was not fun because it made her tummy feel funny.

Ashton, Spencer, Olivia (somewhere) & Dan

Addison, Stephanie & Ethan
While they were riding that ride Ryleigh and I went and got in line for the Boomerang with some of the others from our group. The boys were not interested in this ride, "not because it's scary but because they were just getting hungry...".  The line was SO LONG and it was in a nice shaded area, unfortunately the shade only provided a muggy, smelly atmosphere. Finally we got on the ride! 

The Boomerang

This ride did me in! It was so fun at first but then as the ride is getting finished you get the privilege of doing the whole think again BACKWARDS! Once I did a loop backwards I was done! I was so nauseous and I had this cold clammy sweat going on. It was awful! It probably took me a good 2 hours before I started feeling semi-normal again. bleck! Ryleigh loved it though.

After we had lunch and watched the little kids on a few more little rides the group opted for a nice relaxing train ride around the park. I waited behind with the stroller and a sleeping baby (Jace) and enjoyed the shade and I got to people watch (one of my favorite activities). 

Nate & Spencer 

Ryleigh's phone (it's practically a family member in of itself!), Dan & Olivia

Stephanie (pink shirt), Ben & Krissi, Nate (orange shirt), Ryleigh, Dan, Olivia

All the adults LOVED the train ride! They said it was nice and relaxing and breezy. Olivia said it was freaky because of the bandits! (Apparently bandits come and try to hi-jack the train at some point)

Then we headed over to the Log Ride! Okay, this ride was my favorite! It was cool and breezy and slow moving. It was AWESOME! It got a little freaky when you are inside the mountain, only because the puppets (mine workers) are icky looking, but it was so much fun. Plus I felt like it lasted a long time. 

The Log Ride

Me & Olivia in the front seat of the Log Ride

Dan & Ryleigh in the back (I tried to get all 4 of us in one shot, but my arms aren't long enough!)
Finally all the school groups started to go home and the lines got considerably shorter so everyone went over to the Silver Bullet. This is one of the main, if not THE main attraction at the park! It is the type of coaster where your feet dangle. Dan wanted to go on this ride pretty bad, and since he was so good to ride with Olivia all day I opted to stay behind for this one and let him go with the kids. The boys didn't have any interest in going on this one either. Of course, they were not "scared" they just wanted to wait with me.... or so they claimed... {insert evil laugh} 

The Silver Bullet

Until Dan said: "No, your going on this ride with me....." (Let the flood gates open!) 

Eventually, after many tears they reluctantly made the climb with Dan to the top and went on the coaster. 
That's Ryleigh in the white shoes & white capri's , Dan is next to her

Can you see Ryleigh's white capri's & shoes at the top?

That's Spencer in the black shirt. He looks a little freaked out is all. 

Spencer (Ethan was next to him)

There's Ethan! Looking right at me! 

Ryleigh, Dan, Ethan & Spencer

The Silver Bullet
After the ride Ethan says it was "Awesome! I'm glad I went on it! It was totally my favorite ride!" Spencer says "It was....pretty okay. But I do admit, it was pretty cool." (Which is Spencer terms for "it was totally awesome but I don't want to admit I was wrong!")

Before we left we found this little section of the park that is completely geared toward kids Olivia's age and smaller. They get to ride the rides by themselves!! Why didn't we see this section sooner!!! ugh! We let her ride a few rides in this section and then we headed home... and had the best night sleep of the whole vacation. 

Olivia on some ride.. it bounced her up and down. She loved it , which was good because she was needing redemption from this incident

On our way out the kids wanted a picture of themselves as a Pink's Hot Dog! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Vacation!! Day 2!

Huntington Beach

On our first full day in Huntington (Thursday June 6th) we went with 5 other families to the beach. Early in the day the weather was overcast and gloomy and I was nervous that the beach would be miserable but it ended up being perfect. The weather was comfortable and the beach was beautiful. Eventually in the early afternoon the sun came out and warmed us up! The kids didn't care that the water was just a few degrees above ice cubes. 

Robert, Spencer & Ethan

Spencer & Ethan

Ryleigh, Spencer & Ethan

Olivia & Arianna
 Olivia had so much fun collecting sea shells with Arianna! They searched forever for some some but they came up empty! There was not very many shells on the beach.

Spencer & Ethan

 Eventually one of the families rented a few boogie boards for the kids to use in the water. They all had so much fun for HOURS playing in the Pacific and catching some "waves".
Ethan with his boogie board



Spencer, he was freezing!

Eventually Dan thought he would get down in the water with the kids, but then he discovered that the kids were NUTS!  That water is FREEZING!

Olivia & Dad

 Olivia thought the water was cold and she was hoping that I would get in with her but I just couldn't bring myself to completely submerge myself! Thankfully she was happy to frolic in the sand.

Ryleigh really was with us! She took off with Arianna (her new favorite person apparently...) and they went for a walk down the beach and were gone for HOURS! 


The "June Gloom" on the beach in the morning. Thankfully it burned off by lunch.

Our group (top) & the kids enjoying the beach

Dan & I enjoying the perfect weather!! 
 After a very long day at the beach we were STARVING! We had originally planned to go back to the house and make dinner but we were all exhausted so we opted to eat out. We had tried to go to a couple of seafood restaurants down by the water but they all closed at 9:00 pm (ya, I said it was a LONG day at the beach!) finally we were getting desperate so we found this Italian restaurant in town called Cucina Alessá that was still open. It.Was.Amazing! Every bite was heavenly! The kids loved it too! By the end of the night we were officially exhausted and well fed and thoroughly enjoyed our first day in Huntington Beach!
Our Roomates! Left side from the top: Mike, Zac Olivia & Me
Right side from top: Robert, Arianna, Robert, Ethan, Ryleigh, Spencer