Monday, November 25, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

It's been a few years since our last family pictures. Which is unlike us, usually I am pretty good about getting them done annually but something kept coming up the past few years making it difficult. This year I decided that NOTHING was going to get in the way! We had a few things try to come up and make it difficult but eventually it happened and I couldn't be happier with the result!
We have always done pretty casual pictures so this year I wanted us to be a little more formal, just for a change. I also rented an antique chandelier and a wooden bench and it just came together amazing! Since my cousin Nikaela does them for us at a significant family discount we try to make it as easy on her as possible so we teamed up with my parents, who also wanted to get their family pictures taken, which worked out awesome because we got some fun pics of all of us!



and they all lived happily ever after
The End

A New Team for Spence

 After football we started actively looking for a new club baseball team for Spencer. He is now playing with the BBC Generals 13U team. We are really excited to be a part of a great organization and what seems to be a great group of boys and parents. We lost the first tournament but the boys played well and with each game they got better, which is all you can ask for with a brand new team. Most of these boys are kids he goes to school with now, or they go to other Junior High school's in our district.  And - YAY! He gets to keep his #6!

Thank You, Veterans!

 At Ethan & Olivia's Elementary school they had this big huge "Thank you, Veterans!" assembly and celebration! When they originally brought home the papers about it Dan just glanced at it and then tossed it in the trash. He was not interested in going to the kids school and being recognized. (He is one of those guys that doesn't stand up when they ask if there are any veterans in the audience...) Well a couple of days before the assembly Olivia comes home and says "Dad! When you come to my school on Friday for the assembly I am going to give you something because you are a Veteran!" ha! How can you deny that! So of course, he decided to go. And I  am so glad that we did!

This assembly was amazing! I have never, even in Texas, seen a school put on an assembly like this! They sang patriotic music and waved flags - it was so wonderful to see!

Olivia running to greet her dad when they called his name!

Later she said "Dad, when I saw you I was so happy that I wanted to cry!"

Ethan with his veteran


This year Ryleigh is a sophomore and she finally went to her first High School dance! I have been wondering when this moment would come, and apparently it took some girlfriends to convince her that she should go! So they went as a little group of girls and apparently had a "pretty good time" but it was "SO HOT" in the school.

Brielle, Ryleigh, Morgan, Allison

Our Marriage turned 14

On October 1st Dan and I celebrated 14 years of being hitched! It's been a rollercoaster for sure but I wouldn't change a minute of it! It has made us who we are and made our love for each other that much stronger. He is amazing, and I just love him.

Another Teenager!

My little Man! Spencer turned 13 on October 6th! Every year I am dumbfounded that they are getting older. Someday I might catch on and be ready for it coming but I seriously doubt it.

Spencer is in Junior High this year. He is super athletic and  SUPER intelligent. He has one of those brains that remembers everything! He can tell you all about the Civil War and the layers of the Earth and tell you how to divide fractions - all from memory! (I don't know where he stores it all!)

I am blessed to have him in my life. He is a kind hearted wonderful young man and I look forward to his teenage years.

Fall is for Football

This fall season we had the boys play football again. Neither of them were super ecstatic to play at the beginning of the season but I am so glad that they played anyways. By the end of the season they both felt more comfortable in the sport and I think they even love it a little more. I wouldn't be surprised if next year they want to play, without us needing to nudge them.
Unlike last year the boys played on 2 different teams this year. Which sorta sucked for us parents because there were many games that one of us couldn't make because we were attending the others' game, but it was totally worth it for the boys!
This allowed Ethan to stay down at the Junior PeeWee level and get more comfortable with the sport. Plus, when he is playing with kids his own age he is HUGE! Which it is definite bonus for him.
Ethan and Garrett were able to play together again, and they played for a team called Rampage. Their coach. Coach Paul, was awesome! He was super high energy and knowledgeable about the game. Ethan played Wide Receiver for most of the season and would occasionally come in as defensive end. He ended the season with 1 touchdown (and I, of course, had a picture of that on my crashed laptop).
Ethan #55 & Garrett #56
Spencer had to move up to the PeeWee division because of his age. Thankfully his coach & most of the team from last year, the Rawhiders, also moved up! It was a lot of fun to be with the same guys again. It really is a fantastic team with great parents and boys.
Spencer started off the season pretty rough, he was a minimum plays kid for the first couple of games. I could tell, so I am sure the coaches could tell, that his heart just wasn't in the game. Then all of the sudden, I don't know what happened, but he was fierce! He was all fired up! He wanted to hit someone! He wanted to play! I LOVED watching him play after that. He is so naturally athletic and so intelligent when it comes thinking like an athlete.
Toward the end of the season his team had several injuries so Spencer had to fill in many times in new positions. He ended the season with at least 3 Sacks! He was a little defensive beast! He also had 1 touchdown on the season. :)
Spencer caught the kick return in the game against the Jets and actually ran it for about 20 yards (which was probably the most yards we got in that game! ya... they were a good team!)
About to Sack the QB in our Playoff game against the Maulers
No, your eyes are not deceiving you... both boys wore #55! Which was Dan's number.