Monday, November 25, 2013


I was on a serious Blogging roll and then.....

my laptop died!

It had all my pictures and files and information on it and it just crashed!

no, I did not back it up either.

It's funny because I had been thinking that I needed to back it up but the thought was just so overwhelming so I just ignored it and guess what!?!?

Now I have 3 years worth of pictures GONE! ugh. It really makes me sick. Thankfully I do have most of them here on this blog, although they are not the original file size and so if I ever get them turned into a book I will still have them to look at. But I am still sad because I lost everything from August-October of this year that I hadn't blogged about yet. :(

Well I am going to try and do a little catch up with the pictures that I do have!

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